Airceuticals® Awakening Organic Essential Oil Blend

With an uplifting combination of lemon and peppermint oils, this refreshing Airceuticals® Awakening Organic Essential Oil Blend is designed to stir the senses and enhance health and wellbeing in your home. The bright, citrusy scent of lemon essential oil is known to uplift emotions and banish the blues. It also helps to reduce stress, support immune function and promote wellbeing, making it ideal for family rooms, kids' rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Energizing peppermint essential oil boosts mood, energy and focus and can be helpful for home offices, study spaces and breakfast nooks to get everyone's day off to a great start. Used in combination with Stonewick aromatherapy diffusers, these pure essential oils can be diffused throughout your home to elevate your senses and spirits. Whether your family is at work or at play, this fresh and naturally invigorating essential oil combination is a welcome addition to any space.
  • Contains pure, all-natural, organic lemon oil, peppermint oil, alcohol and distilled water
  • Naturally therapeutic aromatherapy benefits include elevating mood, reducing stress and boosting immune function
  • Use with Stonewick's PoGo™ Drift Diffuser for long-lasting fragrance and aromatherapy wellness benefits
  • This uplifting essential oil blend helps boost mood and focus in study spaces and home offices
  • 100% certified organic essential oils
  • 10-oz bottle provides 30 or more 30-minute uses
  • Reusable wick and caps are eco-friendly and economical
  1. Fill the glass lamp with the Airceuticals® Essential Oil Blend. Wipe up any spills before lighting.
  2. Slide the cotton tail and wick through metal collar and place into bottle neck.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the cotton tail to absorb the liquid.
  4. Light the wick and let the flame burn for 30 seconds.
  5. Blow out the flame and place the open diffuser cap on the lamp. Never put any cap on over an open flame.
  6. Feel the benefits within a few minutes and you will enjoy them long after the drift diffuser is turned off.
  7. When finished, carefully remove the hot vent cap and place the cut off cap on over the hot wick. Then replace vent cap over cut off cap to store.

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