natural and organic essential oils

At Stonewick®, we only use 100% organic ingredients with zero harmful toxins, chemicals, additives, or synthetic fragrances.


Bring Aromatherapy and Ambience to Your Home with the PoGo™ Drift Diffuser

The PoGo™ Drift Diffuser uses nano-technology to transform plant oils into dry, molecular droplets, diffusing them into the air instantly while maximizing wellness benefits. The Drift essential oil diffuser is designed to deliver functional essential oil compounds to the atmosphere in the form of vapors and molecular nanodroplets without releasing any additional by-products like alcohol or water.

Enhance Your Environment with

Airceuticals® Essential Oils

PoGo™ Airceutical® Essential Oils are scientifically blended, lab tested, and air certified essential oil formulas that have been specifically designed to be used with our Drift Diffuser. The functional compounds in Airceuticals® essential oils are released to provide the quickest concentration and broadest delivery of their benefits. Stonewick® offers our Airceuticals® aromatherapy oils in a variety of scents for you to choose from.

essential oils for mental health and wellbeing

Calming lavender in your aromatherapy diffusers can promote sleep and relaxation in the bedroom. Or, if you're looking to boost your mood, diffuser aromas with peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon can liven things up.

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Organic Aromatherapy for your Environment

Citrusy aromas of lemon in your essential oil diffuser can work wonders at masking strong kitchen smells. Peppermint, eucalyptus or cinnamon in an aromatherapy diffuser can banish bathroom odours and bring relaxation and rejuvenation to bath time.

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organic essential oils for any space

A few drops of your favourite essential oils can refresh and rejuvenate musty drawers and closets and rugs and carpets in every room. From attics to basements, aroma diffusers can freshen up spaces and banish insects and animals from every corner of your home.

Explore our line of airceuticals essential oil blends to elevate your mood in your home or office.

safe for use around children and pets

Whether you're hoping to boost moods or energy levels, you'll feel comfortable knowing you can use all your favourite diffuser oils to bring the benefits of aromatherapy to your home.