PoGo™ Cloth Cotton Tail Cotton Wick Replacements

Designed for use with Stonewick's PoGo™ Drift Diffuser, PoGo™ Platinum Wicks™ Cloth Cotton Tail cotton wick replacements help you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy essential oil blends anytime, anywhere. Each cotton wick replacement is good for up to 60 uses, making it a practical essential oil accessory for use with all your favorite relaxing oil diffuser blends. Whether you want to relax your mind, renew your energy or refresh your home, these cotton wick replacements allow you to enjoy the best aromatherapy oils for your specific wellness needs. These diffuser wicks are designed to enhance your environment easily, efficiently and economically so you can bring the wellness benefits of aromatherapy to any space.
  • Cotton wick replacements work with Stonewick’s® PoGo™ Drift aroma home diffuser for long-lasting aromatherapy benefits
  • Diffuser wicks are compatible with key tab, key slot and finger tab for easy replacement
  • Cotton tail diffuser wicks are good for up to 60 uses for long-lasting coverage
  • Cloth wick measures 6" long with a 3/4" wide top
  • Replace or trim cotton tail when white top is charred black
  1. Fill the glass lamp with the Airceuticals® Essential Oil Blend. Wipe up any spills before lighting.
  2. Slide the cotton tail and wick through metal collar and place into bottle neck.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the cotton tail to absorb the liquid.
  4. Light the wick and let the flame burn for 30 seconds.
  5. Blow out the flame and place the open diffuser cap on the lamp. Never put any cap on over an open flame.
  6. Feel the benefits within a few minutes and you will enjoy them long after the drift diffuser is turned off.
  7. When finished, carefully remove the hot vent cap and place the cut off cap on over the hot wick. Then replace vent cap over cut off cap to store.

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