Stonewick PoGo™ Drift Oil Diffuser for Natural Aromatherapy - Lime Green

Designed to add natural ambience and aromatherapy to any space, Stonewick’s PoGo™ Drift Diffuser brings the therapeutic benefits of the best aromatherapy oils to your home. This aroma home diffuser uses a patented nanotechnology delivery system to transform plant oils into dry, molecular-sized droplets and distribute aromatherapy benefits instantly and effectively. This innovative oil diffuser comes with a 10-ounce refillable bottle, which is good for 60 uses and allows aroma essential oils to linger in the air so you can enjoy their aromatherapy benefits long after your scent diffuser is turned off. With a variety of relaxing diffuser blends available, this aroma diffuser makes it easy for you to enhance your environment so you and your family can enjoy the wellness benefits of aromatherapy in every room in your home.
  • Safe, flameless and easy-to-use scent diffuser
  • Nanotechnology delivery system allows for efficient and effective delivery of essential oil blends
  • 5 aroma diffuser colors options to suit your space
  • Convenient PoGo™ Combo Drift Diffuser set includes 10-oz Airceuticals refill, reusable wick and cap set
  • Portable 8oz glass aroma diffuser measures 31/2” H x 31/2” W x 31/2” L
  • Each essential oil diffuser lasts 15 minutes when lit, with immediate benefits within 2 minutes
  • Aroma diffuser unit distributes long-lasting fragrance, eliminating bad odors in 300 square feet area
  1. Fill the glass lamp with the Airceuticals® Essential Oil Blend. Wipe up any spills before lighting.
  2. Slide the cotton tail and wick through metal collar and place into bottle neck.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the cotton tail to absorb the liquid.
  4. Light the wick and let the flame burn for 30 seconds.
  5. Blow out the flame and place the open diffuser cap on the lamp. Never put any cap on over an open flame.
  6. Feel the benefits within a few minutes and you will enjoy them long after the drift diffuser is turned off.
  7. When finished, carefully remove the hot vent cap and place the cut off cap on over the hot wick. Then replace vent cap over cut off cap to store.

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